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ScopeCam® Operating Instructions


Scope Cam ™ SC2001 Operating Instructions

1) Choose a microscope with a standard 10x wide-field eyepiece and electric illuminator. Plug in the microscope and focus the specimen with your eye.

2) Connect the video cable to the “Video Out” connection on the back of the camera.

3) Connect the other end of the video cable to the “Video In” connection on the TV/Monitor or VCR.

4) Loosen the thumbscrews on the ScopeCam eyepiece adapter and slip the ScopeCam onto the microscope. Tighten the thumbscrews securing the ScopeCam onto the microscope.

5) Plug the power pack transformer into a standard electrical outlet. For ease of use, we suggest using a 6-outlet power strip. Be sure all components in the system are turned on. The RED light on the back of camera will illuminate.

6) If you are running ScopeCam through a VCR, be sure the VCR and TV/Monitor are connected correctly and you are able to playback videotape. It may be necessary for you to press the TV/VCR switch or change the LINE INPUT or AUX signal to the VCR or TV. Please refer to your VCR and TV/Monitor manuals for the correct configuration for you system.

7) You are now broadcasting in real time. All focusing adjustments and light control are made on the microscope. All color and contrast adjustments are made on the TV / Monitor.

8) You may also use ScopeCam with a dissecting stereo microscope or with no microscope at all. Simply loosen the thumbscrews on the microscope adapter, remove the camera from the microscope and you have a mini TV camera. To focus from 6” in infinity just turn the camera lens clockwise or counter-clockwise.

9) ScopeCam™ Model SC2001 come with a 2 year dealer warranty from The Scope Shoppe, Inc., (TSSI), If the ScopeCam fails to perform as described during normal usage, TSSI will repair or replace the defective camera.

10) For technical assistance or additional information, please call or e-mail The Scope Shoppe, Inc. at 1-800-577-2673 or

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