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Notice to Users of Oil Immersion Microscopes



It is mandatory that the oil immersion objective is cleaned of the immersion oil immediately after each use. If the objective is not wiped dry of immersion oil, the seal on the objective will eventually be compromised and oil will seep into the inside of the objective rendering the objective useless and many times, in need of replacement.

Immersion oil should be used sparingly and with great care so it will not migrate to, and contaminate, the other objectives. There are no seals on non-oil objectives to keep the immersion oil out of the inside of the “dry” objectives.

Immersion oil when grossly over used is insidious. It can render a brand new microscope useless within months, requiring major cleaning and in many cases, replacement of objectives.

Use a piece of good quality lens paper only, (not Kim-Wipes, Kleenex, etc.), immediately when you are done using the 100x objective. If the oil has migrated about the microscope, immediately clean the oil off the microscope and other objectives. We recommend the use of a micro-fiber towel for the cleaning of the body. For final cleaning of the objectives, after they have been wiped clean of oil with lens paper, use our Q-Tip Lens Cleaning Technique. This is detailed in our Microscope Hints & Tips Brochure, Helpful Hint #6.

If you do not have our Hints and Tips Brochure and would like a copy, please email us at or call us at 1-800-577-2673. We will arrange to get this publication to you at no charge.

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