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DC4-456H Digital Stereo Microscope



  • Paired widefield eyepieces with diopter adjustment on left side. Interpupillary adjustment from 55mm to 75mm. Reticle holder/retainer accepts eyepiece reticle with 23mm O.D..
  • Paired objectives are parfocalled, parcentered, achromatic.
  • Magnification changed by rotating objective turret 90 degrees.
  • Working distance: 75mm. Maximum specimen height: 35mm.







  • High intensity, built-in 12v 10 watt halogen, incidental illumination and 12v 10 watt tungsten, transmitted illumination.
  • 12v DC power converter operates on 100v-240v 50Hz/60Hz current, without need of additional transformer.
  • Separate base mounted switches control power on/off, top and bottom lights.  This permits use of top light only, bottom light only, or top and bottom lights together.







  • Rack and pinion focusing has slip clutch to protect mechanism against over-turning, and special tension adjustment.







  • Supplied with two 80mm stage plates, one frosted glass plate and one plastic black/white reversible contrast plate.
  • Two locked-on stage clips.







  • Rugged cast metal frame, grey enamel finish.
  • Height: 310mm (12-1/4 in.) extends to 345mm (13-5/8) for larger objects.
  • Base width: 115mm (4-1/2 in.), Base depth: 197mm (7-3/4 in.)
  • Net wt. 2.5 kgs (5.5 lbs)




This model permits hook-up to computer with supplied USB cable. Easy-to-use software for capturing microscope images, labeling, measuring, storing, and e-mailing. Requires a PC with Windows 2000 or above.


USB 2.0 Port (digital signal for use with computer only)
Image device 1/2 inch CMOS
Effective pixels 1240 x 1024
Framed resolution 1240 x 1024 pixels
Electronic shutter 10fps @ 1240 x 1024, 30fps @ 640 x 480
Sync System N/A
Audio output Transmission across Image 2000 direct into memory of PC
White balance Auto white balance
B.L.C. Back light compensation (auto)
Minimum illumination 3 LUX
Data transfer 480 MB/second
Color Image Take-up time below one second
Color depth 24 bit (16.7 million colors)
Electronic shutter --
Power supply 5v self powered from computer USB
Consumption 250mA
Data format BMP, JPG, MIG (for recording)

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DC4-456H Digital Stereo Microscope Picture

Product Number Description MSRP 1-9 Units 10+ Units

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Model DC4-456H

3.0 Megapixel Camera

A very versatile stereoscope microscope that permits you to change from a widefield image at 10x magnification to the close-up detail of 30x magnification simply by rotating the objective turret.

$835.00 $749.00 $709.00

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